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Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

When Maida Services performs a New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspection or commercial property inspection, we ALWAYS include a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (termites, carpenter ants, etc.) that is sufficient for FHA or VA lending, at no additional charge. This inspection is called a "visual, sounding and probing inspection".

termite damageSome New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspection companies may not include a Termite or Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report unless you are willing to pay an additional fee. Other commercial or home inspectors will only perform a "visual" pest inspection for signs of destructive insects, which, is really not sufficient. It is absolutely necessary to probe and sound out the areas that are susceptible to attack. And, if your New Hampshire or Massachusetts Home inspector is only performing a "visual" service, when insects are located, you may need to contact a specialist to determine if/how much of the structure was damaged. While interviewing any Massachusetts or New Hampshire home inspectors that don't include a "termite" inspection, be sure to ask how much the additional charge will be.

This service may only be contracted in conjunction with a Maida New Hampshire or Massachusetts Home Inspection.

Termites and Carpenter Ants are a considerable problem in New England and they can do extensive damage to your home or building without you knowing it. (Sometimes the signals are impossible for the untrained eye to detect.) Our New Hampshire and Massachusetts home inspectors are fully trained and certified to perform pest inspections in addition to being State Licensed New Hampshire & Massachusetts Home Inspectors. Maida Services New Hampshire and Massachusetts Home Inspectors thoroughly examine the property for evidence of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powder post beetles, etc.

Termites vs Carpenter Ants

Typically, if you are pursuing FHA or VA lending, you are required to have this type of "visual, sounding and probing" inspection for Wood Destroying Insects. An FHA Loan (Federal Housing Association) or a VA Loan (Veterans Association), usually requires its borrower's to have this inspection on a specific form (NPMA-33) and signed by a Certified Pest Inspector. Also, if the property being purchased is on a private water supply, specific parameters are almost always required to be tested. If you are not sure what your lending requires, you should check with your Mortgage Broker, Realtor or Attorney.

If you're loan is NOT going through FHA or VA lending, there are some key benefits to your Massachusetts or New Hampshire home inspector performing this "type" of inspection including discovering hidden structural damage and insect infestation. This way, if infestation is found, you can ask the seller to pay for a treatment to assure control and/or if damage is found, expenses for repairs could be a potential renegotiation issue with the seller.

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