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What to Expect When We're Inspecting

All parties in a real estate transaction have a vested interest in what a Maida NH & Massachusetts home inspectior might find. The buyer, the seller and the realtor(s) want our New Hampshire or Massachusetts Home Inspection to go as smooth and efficiant as possible. To help the process go smoothly, it's important that the home owner or seller prepare the property for the our inspector.

We suggest that you request the seller or homeowner to:

  1. Install missing light bulbs and replace blown light bulbs in all the light fixtures in the home.
  2. Make panels and hatches accessible for the inspector:
    • Undo any painted or screwed-closed panels, or, panels that require power tools for opening.
    • Ask the seller for permission to cut any bonded paint between electric panel covers and the wall, or other components that may prevent access or cause damage to surfaces when accessing.
    • Move away furniture or storage in front of electrical panels, attic access panels, basement access panels, attic kneewalls, and basement crawlspaces - especially those that are inside of closets.
    • When access panels are inside closets or behind shelving units: It’s best to remove (all) clothing from closets and all items from shelves.
  3. Unlock any doors that require keys, combinations, or any special knowledge.
  4. Shut down any computer systems in the home for the day.
  5. Either remove their pet for the day -or- to explicitly give responsibility of the pet directly to the listing agent. When/if this is not possible:
    • Ensure that any special instructions regarding pets are clearly indicated
    • Understand we cannot be responsible for ensuring that pets are kept securely in any rooms, and/or are safely kept inside the home.
    • Remember, there may be several people present at an inspection, and this can easily result in any one person leaving a door open, resulting in the escape of an animal not intended to be allowed outside.
  6. Understand how long the inspection will take (i.e. 2½-3½ hours or more depending on size of home). This is critical because oftentimes agents underestimate the time needed for the inspection, and inform the seller that they can come home before the inspection is complete. 
  7. Understand protocols for radon air testing: If radon air testing is requested, all windows and doors in the entire home should be closed up for 12 hours before the test, and, for the duration of the test, which typically lasts 48 hours.
  8. Indicate to us clearly if there is a known leak in or, problem with an appliance or, if there are any other components that they would not want us to operate or test, and, their reasons for not wanting it tested.
  9. Within reason, move all excess items away from windows, clear cluttered conditions at window areas, especially any fragile, expensive, and/or sentimental items. Home Inspectors need to be able to access and open windows. Please raise all blinds and drapes for the day. 


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