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Seller's NH & MA Home Inspections

If you have decided to sell your home, an important step is to have a Seller's NH or MA home inspection by a licensed, qualified New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspector before listing your property for sale. As the home owner you should have the opportunity to solve radon, water or mold problems and fix maintenance issues.  

Accessed Crawl SpaceThe expertise of a reputable, licensed New Hampshire & Massachusetts home inspector like Paul Maida goes far beyond other professionals - even in similar trades. Some related professionals are familiar with the elements of home construction i.e. proper installation or maintenance. However, a home inspector from Maida Services is equally familiar with the interrelationships of these system and components. Above all, you can rely on the experience and judgment of a qualified NH or MA home inspector that has inspected thousands of homes in his career.

Many home owners might choose not to have a Sellers New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspection , because they keep good maintenance records, stay on top of deficiencies, and make repairs as needed. They may think they already know what their potential Buyer’s NH or MA Home Inspector could find (and a few do!). But, most NH or MA home sellers find it very difficult to remain completely objective and unemotional about the house they own. This bias leaves room for unexpected repairs that a qualified NH or MA home inspector might find during a pre-listing NH or MA home inspection.

A Maida NH or MA home inspector objectively identifies any defects in the house before your potential buyer discovers them.

Heat ExchangerPaul Maida performs a remarkably exhaustive examination of the exterior and interior during his NH or MA home inspections. He brings professional inspection equipment to the NH or MA home inspection site such as moisture meters, carbon monoxide sniffers and electrical testing devices. A wood destroying insect inspection (termites, carpenter ants, etc.) is also included with any seller's NH or MA home inspection. He walks most of the roofs of the homes he inspects, and usually enters all accessible crawl spaces. Paul Maida provides a combination of safety inspections and analysis of your home's heating, plumbing, electrical, and structural integrity.

In a competitive market, you want your home to stand out in the crowd. Eliminating major defects makes a property more desirable to home Buyers and can help to expedite the sale of your home. Contact Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services. We will help you identify problems before you put your home on the market.

For more NH or MA home inspection information, see our "Property Inspections", "Selling Tips" and "Sample Reports".

If you are a Home Owner or Home Seller, and you should choose NOT to have a seller's inspection by a qualified inspector, this Evaluation Guide may be of some help to you. This is NOT our home inspection report, nor should this take the place of having a New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspection by a licensed professional.

Evaluation Guide For Owners and Sellers

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