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Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Reports

The price of a Maida New Hampshire or Massachusetts commercial or home inspection is a direct reflection of the experience of the home inspector, the time the inspector spends at the property AND the time spent preparing a comprehensive commercial or home inspection report. When comparing New Hampshire and Massachusetts Home Inspectors and their pricing, be sure to compare the inspection report you'll receive.

As a NH & MA home inspector gains more and more experience, his knowledge of the systems in a property and their interrelationships becomes more expansive. As a NH & Ma home inspector for more than 30 years, Paul Maida’s continuous education lead to the need for his home inspection reports to evolve; to become less confined - one that better reflects his abilities and professionalism than a hand written report on-site. Several years ago, Maida Services said "good-bye" to hand written NH & MA home inspection reports on basic, generic templates. We began providing computer generated reports which include detailed narrative comments and colored digital photography. Granted, customizing each NH & MA commercial and home inspection report has changed the inspection procedure by lengthening the amount of office processing time put into composing such a quality report. However, most savvy home buyers, sellers and owners are glad to pay a little extra for a superior final product. Here are some samples:

View a Sample Home INspection Report View a Sample Commercial Inspections ReportView a Sample Multi Family Inspection Report

When our NH & MA home inspectors finish their on-site procedure with their client, they now have the opportunity to re-evaluate their findings, rather than rush through writing the inspection. During office processing they have time to review photographs, insert them next to comments, properly articulate deficiencies and email a report. In the end customizing the report to be specific to our client's NH or MA home inspection.

Although some parts of hand written reports were easier; the inspector was able to finish all his work at the home inspection site, then retain a carbon copy of the report for office records and leave the client with final documentation in the field. Otherwise, hand written reports on templates had very few features to be admired for Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services. They possessed far more negative attributes for our inspectors and their clients. Our home inspectors found themselves running out of room while trying to write detailed explanations of deficiencies. Without photographs to show what the inspector saw and where, clients sometimes asked for further explanation (and proof) of concern items before proceeding with negotiations. Then, if writing on a template wasn't challenging enough, it was also near impossible to provide a legible photo copy from the carbon duplicate -even with excellent handwriting- if ever a client misplaced their report. Also when the need existed to provide duplicate reports for multiple buyers, inspectors often faced the task of re-writing the entire NH or MA home or commercial inspection report.

Since the conversion to computer generated reports on inspection specific software, we have eliminated most (if not all) of these challenges. We are very excited to be "green" with this style of reporting. The positive feedback from our past and present customers has been terrific.

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