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Radon Testing

Maida Services performs Radon Air and/or Radon Water Testing (at additional cost) in conjunction with a NH or MA Home Inspection.  Radon is a radioactive gas produced by the natural breakdown of uranium, which is present in soil and in rock formations throughout the United States.  

EPA Radon MapThe highest concentration of radon will typically be found in the level of the home closest to the ground (i.e. the basement). Usually, the radon concentration decreases at each successive level above the basement unless, you have excessive radon in your water.

Radon Air

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that enters your home through even tiny cracks and/or holes in the foundation. Studies have shown that exposure to radon contributes to the incidence of lung cancer.  The EPA advises you to take action to reduce the level of radon in your air if it exceeds 4.0 pCi/L (picocuries per liter of air) in the lowest livable level of your home. 

Radon Air Testing is an optional fee based service, usually requested during the initial scheduling of a NH or MA Home/Property Inspection. This ensures that the inspector will be prepared to perform the requested services. 

Radon Water

If you have high concentrations of radon in the water, it poses an inhalation and ingestion risk. Just like radon in the air elevates your chances of lung caner, radon water raises the chances of stomach cancer from swallowing water with radon in it. However, most of your risk regarding radon in the water comes from radon released into the air during showering, dishes and other household uses. In comparison to radon entering your home through water, radon entering your home through soil is usually a greater risk.

If you have a private (well) water system, Radon Water Testing is an optional fee based service available at the time of your NH or MA home inspection. This service may be purchased as a single water test parameter, or, as a parameter of the "Comprehensive Water Test" during your MA or NH home inspection. Visit the Water Test Pricing page for available water test packages and costs.

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