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Maida New Hampshire & Massachusetts Property Inspections

If you plan to buy, sell, or renovate your home, you should contact a professional NH or MA home inspector at Maida Services. A NH or MA home Inspector may identify building deficiencies after renovations or, before you buy or lease a multi-family or commercial property. Contract a high quality inspection from a state licensed, fully insured Maida NH or MA home inspector.

We've been working since 1983 to provide the highest value of service for our New Hampshire and Massachusetts home inspection clients.

NH & MA Home Inspections for Buyers

Seller's MA Home InspectionGuess work is NEVER a good idea when you're buying a home. Maida Services will give you a clearer understanding of what it is you are about to purchase; so that you can decide if it's really a good buy.  Our MA or NH home inspector performs a remarkably exhaustive examination of the exterior and interior of the property, and, a wood destroying insect inspection (termites, carpenter ants, etc.) is included with our home inspection. We usually walk most of the roofs of the homes we inspect, and enter any accessible crawl spaces. You will receive a digital, computer generated, comprehensive report, which includes colored photography and considerable narrative comment. Maida Services MA or NH home inspector will identify defects, safety issues, required repairs and maintenance items as well as provide maintenance tips that will help you keep the home in good condition. Read more...

Maida & New Hampshire & Massachusetts Home Inspectors are always available for consultation after you receive your report.

MA & NH Home Inspections for Sellers

Buyer's MA Home InspectionPrepare your house for the market! Our detailed New Hampshire and Massachusetts Seller's home inspections make you as an owner aware of issues before potential buyers discover them. Have Maida Services perform a comprehensive MA or NH home inspection to avoid losing your home buyer based on negative home inspection findings. Give yourself the opportunity to fix Radon, Water, and home maintenance problems prior to listing your property with a Realtor. Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services will help you identify problems before potential buyers view your property. Learn more & contact us today to schedule!

MA & NH Home Inspections for Owners

If you have lived in your home for a period of time, an Owner's MA or NH home inspection can identify problems in the making and recommend preventive measures which might avoid future repairs. We provide a combination of safety inspections and analysis of your home's heating, plumbing, electrical, and structural integrity. An Owner's New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspection can help you avoid things like termites, carpenter ants (and other wood destroying insects), radon, water problems or building, construction and structural issues such as mistakes, defects and failures. Visit our Tips and Maintenance pages for more information.

MA & NH Commercial Inspections

MA Restaurant InspectionCommercial inspections are performed by the owner of Maida Services, Inc., Paul Maida. Our inspector looks for evidence of cracks in foundations, structural defects, roof leaks, moisture, wood destroying insects, water penetration, rot, mold, UFFI (urea formaldehyde foam insulation), asbestos,  carbon monoxide,  plumbing leaks, unsafe electrical,  builder mistakes, systems that are not properly sized, repairs that were not performed correctly, cracks in chimneys, evidence of fire, ventilation, insulation, siding defects, proper grading and drainage,  window and door defects, components that require maintenance and more...

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