Any persons interested in and/or that have contracted Mold services should NOT assume that all companies performing mold testing services follow the same protocols and/or implement the same sampling or collection methods.


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When to Have Mold Services

Maida Services no longer offers physical testing via Mold Testing/Screenings as an "optional fee based service". However, Maida MA & NH home inspection procedure has always been to help our client determine the most susceptible, problematic areas before purchasing mold sampling.

Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services offered Mold Testing Services for more than 10 years. We've provided the information on this page due to [recent] multiple inquiries regarding [differences in opinion] if testing should be performed, as well as who to contact, and when to go straight to remediation. See our Understanding Mold Testing page for collection methods.

Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services DOES NOT provide Sampling
for Mold or Mold Spores.

Testing opinions vary: According to the EPA (in most cases), sampling for mold is unnecessary when mold growth is present. Because there are no federal standards for mold or mold spores in a home, sampling cannot be used to check a buildings compliance - there are no "acceptable levels" for mold or mold spores. With that, the EPA does acknowledge molds have the potential to cause health problems in sensitive persons. If you have health concerns attributed to mold, are sensitive to [specific types of] mold exposure, or have had remediation performed, in our opinion testing can sometimes be helpful.

As of January 2016 the State of New Hampshire requires persons providing Residential Mold Assessment services to be Certified.

When to test: Depending on your circumstances, if you have mold in your home and if you have made the decision to pursue a Mold Assessment and/or physical testing for mold, Maida New Hampshire & Massachusetts Home Inspection Services advises you to pursue Mold Assessment Services AFTER a home inspection is complete. A home inspector would help you identify contributors to moisture, such as past or present water leaks, and give you tips on how to control the moisture in your home. When remediation has been performed, preventing moisture from entering (or re-entering) your home ensures remediation techniques will remain effective and diminishes the likelihood of mold infestations in the future.

Who to contact: When you have made the decision to have physical mold testing, you should contract a specialist with the appropriate credentials. Given your needs, this may be a Residential Indoor Environmentalist, Microbial Consultant, or an Industrial Hygienist. Be advised, there is a wide range of services offered and, most are limited to the areas in the house that are visually and physically accessible. There is no economically practical method to make all areas of the home accessible, however, these areas may still be subject to attack by microbial organisms.

If you skip testing: If you have mold in your home and have decided not to pursue a Mold Assessment or physical testing for mold, it is, and has always been, Maida Services recommendation that home buyers and owners -especially those with sensitivities to mold- do not attempt to clean up any suspicious discoloration and/or microbial growth (until such areas have been tested). In Maida Services opinion, it is important to know what types of mold you are cleaning up in order to take the appropriate precautions and cleaning remedies. We highly encourage our clients, home buyers and owners alike to contract a professional mold remediator.

It is worth noting that in some instances, other microbial contamination such as bacteria may be a factor. If the water damage or mold infestation was caused by a septic system failure or another contaminated water source, it is doubly important to contact a professional who has specific experiences with cleaning up contaminated water damaged areas.

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