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Common NH & MA Home Inspection FAQ's

We've tried to anticipate General questions you might have about Maida New Hampshire & Massachusetts Home Inspection & Commercial Inspection Services and have provided the answers below. If you would like to request more information about our services, pricing, or to schedule an inspection, please Contact Us.

1. What does a NH or MA home inspection from Maida Services include?


A Maida New Hampshire or Massachusetts Home inspection Service includes a visual examination of the operational, accessible systems and components of the house from top to bottom. The inspector examines the heating system, the central air conditioning system*, the interior plumbing and electrical systems, the roof and visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, the foundation, basement and visible structure, siding, grading, drainage, walkways, stairways and attic spaces; he enters most crawl spaces and performs a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection which is sufficient for FHA / VA lending.

* when temperature permits

2. How long does the inspection take?


Most NH & MA home inspection Clients will spend between 2½ to 3½ hours on-site with the inspector (for an average sized home) reviewing the inspector's findings of the systems and components in the home. Commercial properties, large houses and older homes will probably take longer to inspect.

Maida Services anticipates a total of 6-8 hours for the inspector on an average single NH or MA home inspection because our inspector familiarizes himself with the property before our client arrives, performs the on-site inspection, then, spends an additional 2-4 hours reviewing photos and composing a detailed report.


3. What type of report will I receive? Can you send me a completed NH or MA Home Inspection Report?


Maida MA & NH Home Inspection reports include the inspectors findings in detailed narrative comment, as well as digital photographs, the inspectors recommendations and repair needs. Reports also include helpful information for proper installation and explanations of components you may not be as familiar with. Unless otherwise advised or requested, reports are emailed to our client.

On the Reports Page of this site, there are three complete examples: a Home Inspection Report, Commercial Inspection Report and a Multi-Family Inspection Report; these are typical examples of what your finished product would look like. Further, a sample report is included in every emailed quotation.


4. What will my Massachusetts or New Hampshire Home Inspection cost?


For Maida Services, the cost of a New Hampshire or Massachusetts Home Inspection is subject to the location and description of the property. We base our quotes on the style of house, year of construction, gross living area, additional structures and general accessibility of systems/components.

In the inspection field there is a wide range of difference in years of experience, education, credentials, quality of report, and time spent with you; before, during and after the inspection. Remember to compare these when you are comparing price.


5. I've called a few NH & MA Home Inspection Companies. Why are your prices higher?


First, we stand behind our prices. Our detailed NH & MA Home Inspection and Wood Destroying Insect Inspection cost reflects the quality of our report, the credentials of our inspector, and, our price is far less than the value of our inspector's findings. We're aware we are not the "cheapest" home inspection company, and, we're not the most expensive either.

Second, price shopping isn't usually the best practice; calling 3 NH or MA home inspectors doesn't guarantee you're calling 3 inspectors with the same education, experience and credentials. Alternatively, research 5 (or more) MA or NH Home Inspectors with similar credentials, education and experience - specifically - in the home inspection field. Then check to see where, when and how they've attained their credentials. At that point, if their education, inspection procedure and reports are similar, call those inspectors and choose the price that is closest to your budget.


6. Why do I need a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection? Can I get a lesser cost if I skip this service?


A Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (also called a "Termite Inspection" or a "Pest Inspection") is a critical part of having a home inspected thoroughly. Maida Services NH & MA Home Inspectors perform a "visual, sounding, and probing inspection" as this type of inspection may help determine the structural integrity of the building.

There is no additional charge for this service as this inspection is always included as part of our Home Inspection procedure - we simply don't perform a Home Inspection without one. And, before you ask to forego this inspection, be aware some types of financing -FHA & VA- require this "type" of wood destroying insect inspection on a specific form.


7. When can I schedule my MA or NH Home Inspection?


Maida Services can usually schedule a MA or NH Home Inspection within 5 days. It is best to schedule the inspection after you have an accepted offer in writing, and, when all systems and components can be operational (i.e. all utilities are on).

Check your contract to be sure your purchase is contingent upon a professional home inspection. If not, you could ask your lawyer to include such an inspection clause. Otherwise, the best time to call in the home inspector is after you've made an offer on the house, and before you sign the contract.


8. Can I "hold" an inspection time-slot or tentatively schedule until my offer is accepted in writing?


With some exceptions (including during our busy season, and, assuming the time-slot you're asking to hold is more than 72 hours in advance), we are happy to tentatively schedule any commercial, MA or NH home inspection; we simply ask that you confirm the inspection service within one day of tentatively scheduling.

Don't worry - you'll be informed in writing when we need a confirmation by and we'll also do our best to contact you before we give a time-slot away.

However... If we've made attempts to contact you and are not able to, and/or you have not confirmed the inspection within one day of tentatively scheduling, the time-slot is released to the next confirmed appointment.


9. What happens if I schedule Radon Air Testing or Water Testing with my home inspection then, I find out I don't need them?


Radon Air Testing and Water Testing are "Optional Fee Based Services" offered with the purchase of a NH or MA home inspection. As long as we are scheduled to perform these services at the time of the inspection - and NOT in advance - you may waive these additional testing services on-site with the inspector. No additional fees will be applied for optional fee based services cancelled before they're performed.


10. When will I receive my MA or NH home inspection report? Laboratory Results?


Unless you have been otherwise informed, you can usually expect your NH or MA Home Inspection Report to be sent to you via email within 24-48 hours of the inspection. If you have requested a mailed hard copy of the report, please allow 5-7 days.

Laboratory results are usually available within 5-7 days of the inspection, depending on [water] parameters tested and/or type of analysis. Our Radon Air Testing and Water Testing pages include instructions to access your test results.


11. Who gets the home inspection report and lab results?


Our consultation is dedicated solely to the buyer, our client. We do not sell, trade, transfer or discuss the MA or NH Home Inspection Report or Laboratory Results with anyone else without your permission.  


12. Does the Real Estate Agent or Owner need to be there?


Someone will need to give the inspector access to the property....

The presence of the owner, seller, or real estate agent can be helpful in some cases. (Especially Buyers Brokers who usually take a more active role in the home inspection process). However, our inspection presentation is always focused on you, the Buyer. Their presence will not detract from your inspection or distract our inspector.


13. Can I video / record the inspection?

Based on more than 30 years of experience, we strongly discourage recording:

  • When people are being recorded, they are generally distracted and buyers don't pay adequate attention to the inspector.
  • Sellers are generally very uncomfortable having their personal belongings recorded. You would have to obtain written permission from all parties present (i.e. seller(s) / owner(s) / broker(s)) for you to video during the inspection.
  • Our report is well detailed - with captioned colored photos - and is extremely thorough.


14. Do I need a MA or NH home inspection when I'm buying NEW CONSTRUCTION? How would your inspectors perform an inspection on New Construction?


YES! Definitely have a home inspection when you're buying new construction. You will gain a better understanding of the quality of materials used and, the workmanship in the building's systems. Just a few examples are:

  • Is the exterior detailing complete in siding and trim work?
  • Does the exterior appear water tight; sealed with caulking?
  • Are roof components properly flashed?
  • Are all attic areas thoroughly insulated and ventilated?
  • Are the heating system(s) distributing heat evenly throughout the house?

If the home is complete, we could perform the inspection in one visit. 

However, if the home is still under construction with many systems incomplete, you may want our inspector to review the property more than once before your closing. Generally, in a home that is incomplete, we inspect in two phases.

Phase One:  At the first visit, we would review all details of the structure, looking for things like quality of materials, proper installation of roofing and siding materials, priming of painted surfaces, proper grading, proper installation of flashing materials, thorough installation of insulation and ventilation, etc., etc., etc. 

Phase Two: After completion, and before closing we schedule another appointment to inspect systems and components that were not installed or functioning previously. Heating, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as any items of concern from the first inspection are checked to make sure they have been fixed or finished properly.

Additionally, a home inspector can make helpful suggestions that may improve the property, without impacting overall costs. And, very occasionally, we do see builders that may not be utilizing current technology in their construction practices.  


15. Do you inspect ANTIQUE HOMES?


Maida Services, Inc. home inspector's are fully trained and experienced to evaluate the conditions of the entire spectrum of construction practices; from pre-railroad post and beam to New England farmhouses, through the various methods used in the last 100 years.

Many antique homes employ technologies of several eras of structural, electrical and mechanical systems (as the various prior owners invested in upgrading systems and additions to the home). Only a truly competent inspector can confidently and correctly evaluate such issues as:

  • the many types of framing techniques and their characteristics (both good and bad)
  • heating systems from coal converted hydraulics to the "octopus" (an old hot air duct work design)
  • electrical systems in various stages of upgrade

16. What do you inspect in a Condominium/Condex?


When you hire a Maida Services inspector his procedure is to inspect and report on both the interior AND the exterior of the property.

Even though the condo association may (or may not) be responsible for the exterior of the building, you still need to be concerned with it's condition.  Your condo fees are directly related to the condition of the building.  If the condo association has not been doing a good job taking care of the building, there may be major repairs which will eventually have to be addressed.  At that time, your condo fees could go up considerably.

We always encourage buyers to contact the condo association and ask as many questions as possible, such as:

  • How much money does the association have in reserve?
  • Are any major (or minor) repairs scheduled?
  • Does the association expect an increase in condo fees?
  • Are there any defects that are currently known in the complex?
  • Has there been any radon testing performed and what were the results?
  • That is the ratio of owner occupied / rental units?
  • Have any potential buyers experienced problems obtaining a mortgage on any of the units because of defects or undisclosed problem

We would help you analyze the information you receive, and also perform a very thorough inspection of the building where your unit is located. We would need access to all common areas. If the heating system and/or electrical panel are in an area that is kept locked, either you, or your Realtor would have to arrange for access, IN ADVANCE, so that we can inspect those components.


17. Do you inspect MOBILE HOMES?


Since 1983, we've inspected hundreds of mobile homes and are very knowledgeable and qualified.

Our inspector checks the whole exterior of the structure.  We generally, remove the skirt, get underneath the mobile home and inspect the systems and components in the crawl space, if it is accessible.  All interior and exterior components are thoroughly inspected.


18. What is the difference between local code or town inspections and a home inspection?


Some towns are more thorough than others when they inspect new construction.  Basically though, a code inspector (or town inspector) would only inspect the property to be sure that local building codes are followed.

In contrast, the inspector at Maida Services, Inc. would perform a complete inspection, looking at quality of materials, and many, many other small details, such as:

  • proper installation of roofing and siding materials,
  • priming of painted surfaces,
  • caulking to prevent water penetration,
  • proper grading to prevent water problems,
  • flashing materials around stairs and decks (which helps to prevent water penetration) ...just to mention a few.

19. I've already scheduled my NH or MA home inspection - Do I need to be there during the inspector's "preview" time?

Unless otherwise instructed, we ask our client to arrive at the scheduled start time - not before. It's important to allow the inspector the opportunity to familiarize himself with the property and its layout before you arrive. The inspector may walk the grounds of the property, but he won't need access during this time. Not to worry - our client won't "miss" any portion of the inspection.


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