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If cost is a factor: you might save many times the cost of the inspection if you're able to renegotiate the purchase price based on problems revealed by a Qualified NH or MA Home Inspector.


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Buyer's NH & MA Home Inspections

A Buyer's NH or MA home inspection should identify major defects and report system inadequacies in the home before you buy. If a buyer has the opportunity to renegotiate the purchase price based on the NH or MA home inspection findings; a qualified NH or MA home inspector can save money.

During our first contact with our clients for their NH or MA Home Inspection, we provide care, concern and the utmost attention to detail. To schedule your Buyer's NH or MA home inspection, it's best to have the details such as size, age and additional structures, available when you call our office (or complete the form on the Contact Us Page). We anticipate a 6-8 hour time block per NH or MA home inspection for the average home. Therefore, this information will help determine how long the on-site portion of the NH or MA home inspection will probably take, and the cost of services. After scheduling, you'll receive a confirmed quotation via email, a sample of our inspection agreement, as well as cost for any optional fee based services (e.g. radon testing or water testing) that may be applicable.

When it comes to finding a buyer's NH or MA home inspector there is a wide range of education, experience and qualifications. Paul Maida's credentials speak for themselves - view them here.

Roof SystemCurrently, all buyers NH & MA home inspections are performed by Paul Maida. You may expect the inspector to arrive at the property before you to preview the exterior. This is also usually the time when the inspector familiarizes himself with your soon-to-be home, typically walks the roof and starts his investigation for wood destroying insects. We do encourage our clients to be present and take an active role in their MA or NH home inspection. This is a great time to be informed about the property conditions, ask questions, and learn about any components that may need attention.

When our client arrives, the on-site home inspection starts on the exterior of the property and includes exterior items like siding, grading, drainage, walkways and stairways. As the MA or NH home inspection progresses, the basement space, attic space, windows, floors, ceilings doors will be included, and, all of the accessible, operational systems and components: structural, electrical, mechanical, heating, plumbing, etc. You may also expect the inspector to bring electrical testing equipment such as carbon monoxide detectors, stud finders and, other equipment to perform preliminary tests on any of these systems. Our Inspector will likely access most crawl spaces and walk most roofs; all the while taking digital pictures of his findings. The on-site portion of a NH or MA home inspection -that our client is present for- usually takes about 2½ to 3½ hours, though older homes or larger homes can take longer to inspect. We don't put a time limit on our home inspections; the home inspector makes himself available to answer any questions or concerns you have about your NH or MA home inspection findings.

Your NH or Massachusetts Home Inspection is your chance to find out if the house you love will be your home.

Active Water LeakUpon completion of the on-site portion of a buyer's NH or MA home inspection, the inspector will spend an additional 2-4 hours reviewing the photos, then use the evidence he has gathered at the house to compose a report that is comprehensive and includes colored digital photography. As a supplement to the NH or MA home inspection, you'll also receive maintenance tips and upkeep information on systems you may not be as familiar with. The average buyer's Home Inspection report is sent to our client via email within 24-48 hours of their NH or MA home inspection. Property inspection reports are always confidential. We do not sell previous inspection reports.

When additional services such as Radon Testing or Water Testing are performed in conjunction with a NH or MA home inspection, we provide information in the buyer's report (website, serial numbers, etc.) to access test results in a timely fashion, or, they're emailed directly to our client. Contact Maida Home & Commercial Inspection Services today for a quotation and availability.

Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Towns We Serve include Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts.

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