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Commercial Property & Home Inspections

For the maximum value of your Commercial property, New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspection, contact Paul Maida for a licensed NH or MA home inspector who has extensive experience -specifically- in the NH or MA home inspection field. As an elite home inspector, his education and background qualifications are essential to his NH and MA home Inspection procedure. You can count on Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services for an accurate and ethical New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspection.

Paul Maida, NH & MA Home InspectorSome inspectors will simply meet your expectations, while Maida Services NH & MA Home Inspectors strive to exceed your expectations. Paul Maida (Owner) is an independent inspector who adheres to a strict code of ethics. He is a Licensed Massachusetts Home Inspector, Licensed New Hampshire Home Inspector, an NEPMA Pest Inspector, is certified through Northeastern University and has taught home inspection courses at the University of New Hampshire and New England Training Academy. In addition to being a full member of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), Paul Maida has also held additional licenses and certificates related to the home inspection field. With more than 30 years providing New Hampshire and Massachusetts home inspections, Paul has personally performed more than 9,000 inspections including some of the most notable homes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Maida Services New Hampshire and Massachusetts home inspection or commercial building inspection focuses on providing the best value of your inspection by striving to provide the highest level of protection from unforeseen problems. (Read our Common NH & MA Home Inspection FAQ's.) Our comprehensive, detailed commercial, NH & MA home inspection includes the operational and accessible structural, electrical, mechanical, heating and plumbing systems and components, physical testing of the building for wood destroying insects and, an explanation of the buildings interrelationships. We point out the positive aspects and reveal the defects of your soon-to-be property; be it an apartment building, renovated antique home or new construction. Maida Services provide a peace of mind that only comes with knowing the inspection was done right. Read our testimonials to see what people say about Maida NH & MA Home Inspection Services.

Put your New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspection in the hands of a professional inspector, with comprehensive New Hampshire & Massachusetts home inspection experience.

Equally important to the skill and procedure of your New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspector, is the report you’ll receive.  In this age of technology many New Hampshire & Massachusetts home inspectors and commercial inspectors provide computer generated reports. Unfortunately, the level of information provided to Buyers, Sellers and Owners varies greatly within our competitor’s reports and, that can be costly if the report lacks vital information. A quality Massachusetts or New Hampshire home inspection report should include the inspector’s discoveries and proof of the New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspector’s findings. Maida New Hampshire and Massachusetts Home Inspectors spend an average of 6-8 hours on a single Massachusetts or New Hampshire home inspection; completing a preview of the property before our client arrives, 2½-3½ hours on-site with our client during investigation and consultation, then an additional 3-4 hours of examining photographs and re-evaluating the evidence gathered at the property. Maida Massachusetts & New Hampshire Home Inspectors compose a report that is emailed and includes colored digital photography; it’s comprehensive and easy to read.

Contact Maida Services for an independent NH & MA Home Inspector who works hard for their customer and does not engage in unethical relationships. Remember, any information offered to you before you buy is NOT a reason to have anything less than a detailed, comprehensive NH or MA home inspection. The conscientious Buyer, Seller or Owner does not rely on out dated inspection reports and disclosure statements. This information may not tell you the true condition of the property. A building's conditions can change over time, and disclosure statements may not include costly defects that a Seller isn't aware of. We give our customer - the Buyer, Seller or Owner - valuable information they may need to determine whether there are any major defects or system inadequacies in the building.

Not using Maida Services? In your quest to find a quality Massachusetts or New Hampshire home inspector, contemplate the value of your New Hampshire or Massachusetts home inspection before considering cost. The price of a NH or MA home inspection is far less than the value of Maida Services MA or NH home inspection findings. The up-front price of your home or commercial inspection is irrelevant if the inspector’s findings save you thousands on unexpected repairs in the future. Allow the property description, the qualifications of the inspector, the detail of a commercial, NH or MA home inspection report and, the time the inspector spends with you -before, during and after your MA or NH home inspection- to help determine your value for New Hampshire, Massachusetts home inspection or commercial inspection services.

A NH or MA Home Inspection is helpful before: a Buyer's life changing purchase, a Seller lists their home with a Real Estate Broker or, an Owner performs renovations and maintenance.

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Inspections and/or Reports performed by Maida Service, Inc. conform to the current Standards of Practice of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (266 CMR), or the State of New Hampshire (RSA 310-A:185 COA 300-700 ) and/or the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

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